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Big dreams call for a big investment. We can help.

We are a team of veteran business owners, so we understand your urgent need for the best technology to underwrite different risk factors. We have been developing a special algorithm for years that takes many factors into account.

Innovation Solutions

Our software focuses on business start date, revenue, ownership history, industry, to develop a proprietary score that helps determine risk factors.

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Upon receiving your request for a demo. We will allow you to pick from your own list of businesses to "test" with our software. This will give you an idea of its accuracy.


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Most restaurants close their doors due to lack of working capital.

  • Whether it be an upscale restaurant or a small cafe most eateries fail within the first year -but what if there was a way to continue growing the business you worked so hard to build?
  • As a restaurant entrepreneur in a highly competitive industry you are constantly striving to provide customers with an excellent dining experience. But excellence can become way too costly and climbing expenses can make it impossible to compete. You’re not alone.

ASK YOURSELF: Do you have the working capital to compete?

It’s a legitimate question, and the answer is what’s causing most shops to close their doors. But what if there was a way to continue growing the business you worked so hard to build? Before you know it, you’ll need to upgrade your tools, paint supplies, machinery, and perhaps your overall facility-or you might as well get used to referring prospects and insurance companies to the shop down the block. If you’ve been in business for at least 3 months and your sales are at a minimum of $10,000 monthly, we can get you the capital you need.

We can help when the time comes to repair, expand, or remodel your facility

  • Stay Modern

    As a healthcare professional with your own private practice, attention to detail is key no matter how minor or major the procedure.

  • Stay Competetive

    But waiting on insurance payments and other receivables is part of doing business, so what happens if you lack the working capital to purchase supplies or new and updated medical equipment?

  • Stay Funded

    Thankfully, we can get you approved and funded within a few hours, so you can easily get the funding you need TODAY.


Why Choose our Services

Fast Demos

We review business performance, not personal credit score. This leads to incredibly fast approvals

Simple Testing

Test your specific businesses to see our system at work.

Reliable Software

Our tech team creates stable tech that can stand heavy loads.


Because we review business performance as opposed to credit score

Our Underwriting model uses a lot more than just credit score. We review performance and many other factors to make those decisions.



At CoZi Capital, we believe that great businesses are powered by great people.

We understand that financing a small business can be a challenge that requires more time than most small business owners have in a day. Business operations, accounts receivable, accounting, and marketing are all an important part of running a small business—and financing shouldn’t slow down your focus on these issues; it should instead help a business grow.


Why Choose our Services

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